iTax Help

Montana State Law (MCA 15-16-102 (5)) dictates which tax payments can be made and the order in which they must be made.  The payment rules are as follows:
 - Current taxes can always be paid.
 - All delinquent taxes must be paid or the current year taxes must be paid before delinquent tax year taxes
   can be paid.
 - After current taxes have been paid, the oldest deliquent year taxes must be paid before  any other
   delinquent year taxes may be paid.
 - Delinquent taxes must always be pain in full year increments.
If a payment for any portion of taxes due is pending on a parcel, no other payments can be made to that parcel until the pending payment has posted.  A transaction will typically post within 2-3 business days of making a payment.  Pending status is automatically cleared by the system after 5 business days.